I did this drawing last friday within one and half hour,while listening a.r rahaman's
tere bina...[maniratnam's guru....i heard A.R did this song as a tribute to his ustad
nusrat fateh alikhan]
o.k..i didnt like this caricature much better.....any how,i've posted..


sajithkumar said...

amazing!n great work.a simple suggestion ,if u could avoid the bit dark back ground color i feel the cari wd stand out.really amazing work.

sandeep said...

I have seen ur blog its very good.I liked it.
Though iam not eligible to say anything to u.
But i want to say that i think the topics should be divided into sub topics(i mean archiving on topic,currently urs blog is archived every month) so that the topics look little clear and easy to navigate.
I have found every thing on one page better to choose of giving a link of the topic to other page so that the main page contains only heading of the topic rather than the whole topic itself. (as in ur site it has navigation options at left).

Urs friendly,


ramanjit said...

hi m,
this is great m,
pay attention on colors more!!!

opdebeeck said...

Very good!

Mahesh Nambiar said...

"Chaalaa bhavundi antee" Amazing stuffs Mrithyunjay..

vallakeerthi said...

splendid work
grt job

skicc said...

Thanks for the comment, your pictures are hilarious, great work.

Manoj Sinha said...

I like it mritunjay. Nice concept.
Other hand, I also postd caricature of Danny boyle, hope u enjoy.

kalasagar said...


Mrityunjay garu

Fantastic your Reahman caricature


Pito said...

Great blog!!!!

Nice works.


Niall O loughlin said...

This is really good, you captured him very well.Jai HO!!!!

Mahesh Nambiar said...

Mrithyunjay ..I also tried one rahman. pls have a look at it. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Annayya nijangha I have no words to appreciate your work...... Extra ordinarily good...... Keep up the work

Jason Seiler said...

Really nice shapes going on here.