West Asian

This is a muslim caricaturist.I've spent a whole day for this painting.
Some people are opposing to show this on public.Should i hide this?
This is one of my best attempts.



This is a digital painting of Sania mirza.Sania is the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India.
It is reported that Sania would be engaged to Sohrab on july 10th and would tie the not in the near..
No real purpose for this drawing,except for good practice on Wacom tablet.


Slumdog Patel

Slumdog Millionaire star DEV PATEL.
My first attempt of digital painting on WACOM.


Po[kiri]ori Jagannath

After hectic schedule of elections,for relief,I've chosen a non political profile-Puri Jagannath.He is one of the most successful cinema directors of South India.When he accepted my friend request on 'Face book',I've decided to present his caricature.
Can be found my'orkut'friends caricatures on my facebook album.

Making of 'Puri'cature

Obama and MIchelle

This is just Ten minutes sketch of OBAMA,MICHELLE