Po[kiri]ori Jagannath

After hectic schedule of elections,for relief,I've chosen a non political profile-Puri Jagannath.He is one of the most successful cinema directors of South India.When he accepted my friend request on 'Face book',I've decided to present his caricature.
Can be found my'orkut'friends caricatures on my facebook album.

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uma said...

Dear Sir,
You are the pride of Andhra Pradesh! And to me the caricature of Poori Jagannath is your best work to date...the strokes are razor sharp and the semblances to the original are impeccable in style and presentation...the best part in this portrayal of poori's caricature is his eyes...the right eye strained and bigger and a normal left eye...and that smile is unmistakably poori's own! your detail to such finer nuances is really great..fantastic job sir!
keep up the good work going!
may u come up with something international soon!