This is another digital work of mine..I take Mumaithkhan anatomy as a reference ..
I am very often trying to find a style that's as clean and crisp as possible, and it may seem 'easy' and 'quick' to many people, I don't have that conviction.


Face is not a being, it's only a shape.

"Nobody is ever satisfied with their face;
Even CLEOPATRA was worried that her nose was a little longer than it should be.
MARLYN MONROE commited suicide-A beautiful woman,but not satisfied,not contented.
There is something in it.


Making of RGV

It's amazing that I got message from RGV.

Nice but I wish you drew me as a monkey.
-Ram Gopal Varma.


SHEKAR coffee and anand KAMMULA

Shekar kammula,one of the revolutionary directors of telugu cinema, has come to TV5 studio for shooting his latest film.
Making this caricature was as enjoyable as a good coffee!

Walk in Interview

I did this Rakhi Sawanth caricature with simple brush stroke unlike my regular drawing.
Besides being in news for her daring flesh show and attitude, Rakhi is currently in the spotlight for choosing her husband..in a TV realty show. Some people go to any extent to get into news!!


I hate Ram Gopal Varma

I did it in one full day..don't ask me why I drew him like this..this was how I imagined him when I saw his photo..creepy...slimy and disgusting

I have been at Ram Gopal Varma's blog ever since I read Ramu's 'I hate Michael Jackson' in the newspaper which also mentioned his blog domain name.

I found more content in the blog, most of which is absent in his movies.
Better to try all our Telugu directors imitate his 'education' instead of his 'copying style'.
'his blog is the most addictive thing like sex and vodka' commented one of his blog followers.
It is absolutely correct..like all bad things, it is packaged attractively, and just like sex or vodka, should not be taken seriously
He disturbs me..
I am a victim.
I've said it once and I'll say it again...I hate Ram gopal varma.


My Orkutians

Now I have posted some of my 'Orkutians'. I drew them whenever I found time...during lunch break or tea break.
The response is great...some are stunned, some are impressed and some are jealous (for not figuring in there!!)
Really it's always funny to draw people other than politicians..
Hopefully, I will draw all my social networking friends, if only I get more lunch breaks!!!!!