I hate Ram Gopal Varma

I did it in one full day..don't ask me why I drew him like this..this was how I imagined him when I saw his photo..creepy...slimy and disgusting

I have been at Ram Gopal Varma's blog ever since I read Ramu's 'I hate Michael Jackson' in the newspaper which also mentioned his blog domain name.

I found more content in the blog, most of which is absent in his movies.
Better to try all our Telugu directors imitate his 'education' instead of his 'copying style'.
'his blog is the most addictive thing like sex and vodka' commented one of his blog followers.
It is absolutely correct..like all bad things, it is packaged attractively, and just like sex or vodka, should not be taken seriously
He disturbs me..
I am a victim.
I've said it once and I'll say it again...I hate Ram gopal varma.


PC said...

hahaha superb....

looks like aghyaath song poster

purna said...

hey superb…..
ramu looks awesome….

just like the costumes in the aghyaath song ……..
looks like he is staring at a girl.

a monkey playing with movies :D

srikar said...

"Hi Mrithyunjay, I saw your caricatures in your website. They all are simply superb. You are a genius. I got to know about you from RGV Blog. Love your work.".

prasad korrapati said...

hi,pratisaari haha oho,great,superb antunnamegaani vere maatlalemainaa unnayemo vetakaali mimmalni pogadadaaniki

hari said...

really gr8 work.... eyes n hair detailing z superb

Alina Chau said...

Full of personality!

suderashanam said...

I am really appreciate for ur skill not only in drawing and also style of english ur using

massoud.tabatabai said...

I like it.

sri venkat said...

Dear Mrityunjay,

I always visit your website http://www.mrithyunjaya.blogspot.com and love all your caricatures. The recent RGV one is very good and funny.
I watch your caricatures together with my friends and we all laugh together.

I'm interested in learning to draw caricatures and cartoons.
I don't have any prior experience in drawing, but I'm very keen and I know it's never too late.
I live in Australia.
Could you please provide me with some information on how/where can I start learning ?
Is there any school I can go to ?

Your help and info will be very much appreciated.



Shalini said...

Awsome caricatures. I really appreciate your talent. Can you also write a lil bit about why you drew the caricature like that? I mean, what is in your imagination?? It would be interesting to know.

Kishan said...

Your blog is superb. Got the link from RGV's blog.

Ramgopal Varma said...

Nice but I wish you drew me as a monkey.

Vamsee said...

love it. looks like you passionately hate him.