My Orkutians

Now I have posted some of my 'Orkutians'. I drew them whenever I found time...during lunch break or tea break.
The response is great...some are stunned, some are impressed and some are jealous (for not figuring in there!!)
Really it's always funny to draw people other than politicians..
Hopefully, I will draw all my social networking friends, if only I get more lunch breaks!!!!!


joanne said...

i like this.

joanne said...

i like this..

purna said...

shud say one of the best talents :)
good going sir


EV said...

Hi Mrutunjay…i like u r name…

Your site is great buddy…nice creative work there..so u work for Deccan ye…r u a freelancer??
ever tried to get hold of some animation projects?? looking at u r site it looks like..this is u r passion….just do it bro…keep it up!!! You know when you are creative u r more closer to existence…as Existence is all about creativity…and the more creative u r ..the more closer u r to existence..and the more closer u r to Existence..the more harmonious u r…and the more harmonious u r to existence.the more energetic u r… ..there is a free flow.of energy..without blocks like in a child..very fluid…..u feel light..literally..weightless….


madhu said...

I like ur blog and site… its truly grt

purna said...

i am purna from hyderabd but working in bangalore for Nokia seimens......
thts the blog where i have some fun...
btw i do some websites here n there


I was amazed by yur talent , yesterday evening i showed ur sites to my roomies we saw that aids one which s nice...

i would like to know more abt yu whats ur orkut id ? mine is this gmail id bpcrao@gmail.com

koti said...

Good work Mruthu..really liked ur blog