Pierena Bessone who is one of my facebook friends from Chile country.
I did it in two hours..
"Doing portraits are best way to catch the exact features before draw to caricatures"says a great caricaturist..
That's why Iam trying to draw portraits quite often.


pierena said...

"jajajajaja quedó bkn!! dibuja espectacular!! :D la kgó!"

mauricio said...

"ta filete..:Z
uta q eri famosa..=P

te amo.!"

pierena said...

thaaank youuu veryyyy muuuch!!!!!!!
it's beautiful!! more than beautiful!!!!!!!!! :D
you're a really artist!!! my mom almost cry for emotion!!!!! :)
really, thank you very much!
I wrote a letter for you,, but I have to translate it to english!! ;)
I will send it as soon as possible, ok??
kisses, a big hug!

PD: you're the best!!!! never had known to somebody with so much talent in that! I'm veryyyy happyyyy with your work! :D

Venkata Sreekar said...
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venkat said...

'Pierena' looks very pretty in your portrait. I'm bit tempted to travel to Chile in order to meet her in person.