Here I did four caricatures..I follow their blogs quite often.
1]Jason-He is a award winning artist from chicago[U.S.A]].Some of his clients include TIME magazine,The Newyork Times,GOLF magazine and MAD..etc.,
2]Sajith kumar-A vagabond..well educated ..cartoonist of Financial chronicle..He is from Kerala[INDIA]
3]Malovika with her hubby-She is a sponge.Owners of two blogs-malovika.blogspot.com - stereotypebusiness.blogspot.com ...she is from Karnataka[INDIA]


Jose Ferreira Neto said...

Its very good work, congratulations!
Traits and direct and loose, like!

Christina Dee said...

great caricatures! I like how you colored these!

Manoj Sinha said...

Hi Mritunjay,
Like the bottem one most. RGV's caricature is good but I think coloring difference between head and body is visible. Your Mast head is very nice.

jcreatia said...

Good to see this works... Keep it up.