Auto jaani-Ayn Rand

This is Ayn Rand caricature..i've done this with passion on Rand's philosophical quotations which are introduced by 'auto jaani'.
He is a school drop out. He ferries people around the city in his auto-rickshaw.
He is usually to be found in a liquor shop in Chilkalguda, or Anjali Theatre in
Secunderabad, or some other cinema hall. Before you jump to conclusions that he
is just another uneducated soul, check this out. He is an ardent follower of
philosophy, particularly Philosophy inspired by the likes of Friedrich
Nietzsche or the famous writer, Ayn Rand.

If anywhere in Hyderabad you come across an auto that is full of philosophical
quotes by Nietzsche or Ayn Rand, then you’ve just discovered “Auto-Jaani”. I
myself discovered Auto-Jaani on one “blog”buster. Now, I find philosophy and
all the headaches associated with it absolutely thrilling.

“Of many a proud struture’s ruins, weeds and raindrops have been the cause” –
Friedrich Nietzsche

“Of many a great people’s downfall, women have been the cause” – Auto-Jaani

All I know is Nothing —– Aristotle

All I don’t know is auto driving but I am an autodriver —– Auto-Jaani

“…..when you truly realize that you know nothing there truly can be a high
possibility of you knowing everything”

This is what I am doing…..believe me guys everyday is an exciting day.
- Auto-Jaani

[P.S: I couldn’t find a picture of Auto Jaani, hence I have drawn a caricature
of Ayn Rand.

This doesn’t mean I want to read Ayn Rand. It only means I like reading about
those who read Ayn Rand]


Maria Maria said...

Autojaani is truly one awesomely created character. He's funny, quite funny at times.

You are talented yourself,nice caricatures of Rakhi,Michael and Dev Patel.


prabhakar wairekar said...

very nice ur creations........

prabhakar wairkar

mrityunjay said...

is there anybody to write his 'AUTO'biography???

thanq so much for kind com[pli]ment.

vins said...

Dear Mrithyunjay,

Your cartoons and caricatures are excellent and I wish many years of best wishes as a cartoonist/caticaturist .
I am in Hyderabad since 12th Nov.After a cataract surgery on 7th Dec at LVPEI nearly one month here, I go back to Mumbai on Monday 15th Dec evening.
If you can contact me on 09967666615 or local no 23352115 or 23352702 between 9 -12.30 and 4.00-8.00 I would be delighted to meet you I am staying with my S/L at 10 &11 Sheetal Enclave Rd no 5 lane opp GVK Mall on Rd no 1 Banjara hills.

mrityunjay said...

ok sir,
within 30 min i wil be there sir!

Anonymous said...

'autojaani' is the man who spends 24x7 on RGV's blog and never get bored with that shit!!

shiva said...

Amazing as always,
where is autojaany address?
may you and your family have a great Xmas and New Year ,

Anonymous said...

check out autojaani's pic in his orkut profile

Anonymous said...

I think the caricature of Ayn Rand drawn by you has little bit of indian features.


Anonymous said...

I think Ayn Rand's caricature drawn by you has little bit of indian features