Watching Mohan sir reminds of Amitabh in Nishabd. Romancing the sixteen-year stroke with the sixty-year master is exhilarating.

While I was studying eighth class, I tumbled upon the NTR caricatures of Mohan in the daily Udayam, and I promptly fell in love with them. The stumpy, chubby NTR fetched me Rs.2/kilo later!!
Since X class, I had been literally obsessed with NTR caricatures by my future guru, Mohan, and continued to romance with them until PG.

I left my parents in my village and came in search of Mohan...I spent three years with him in Red Hills and LIC colony Flat no.73. I know Mohan sir sanitizing, and at the same time, smearing mud on "nobodys" like me, who do not know the difference between anatomy and autonomy.

An artist who worked in the team of Steven Spielberg told me: there is a perfect line hidden in the hundreds of lines you scribble.
But the only man whose single line comes out perfect is Mohan sir.

Nobody could master Mohan's line since NTR to Jr.NTR period.

The current sensation 'AVATAR'has its roots in India,particularly the characters have similarities with original sketches of Mohan.

M for Mindthing

I don't read essays of TJS George, the Indian Express columnist. I never read Telugu translations of Dastovisky.
But I still draw.
As rightly said by KNY Patanjali, 'what have we got to lose if our ignorance offends no one?'

[P.S. NTR still haunts me.My dream of seeing Mohan sir's "NTR" images in 3D remained just that - a dream [Face to Face with Mohan 8-30 to 9-00 pm 25-12-09 only on TV5]


shiva said...

this is really great caricature.tell him to my wishes,happy birthday sir.i don't know about mohan sir but his caricature and your article made me his fan.

neeharika said...

i dont hav an blog ya...
bt ur wrk is indeed appreciable
g8t ya
claps 4 u frm me....and best wishes to mohan sir.

dominic said...

Nice work!
Have a Merry Christmas!


omprakash works said...

good expression mrutynjaya... i am also mohan sir fan.

afsar said...


elaa vunnaaru?

Just now I got a chance to browse your blog. Great caricatures!


vij said...

hi mrityunjay
nice blog.
personally, i like ur pen/brush stokes rather than ur photoshop stuff. there is life in pen/brush strokes; digital brush work appears too artificial. well, this is just my very personal opinion as i closely observed ur style.
anyway, keep up the good work. all the best.

mrityunjay said...


Its not too artificial,Its too ARTificial man.

PC said...


prakash said...

hi Mrithunjaya, myself prakash!!! i found your blog through RGV's blog. After going through your blog,couldn't resist appreciating your talent and the way you presented on the blog. Hats Off!! The content is more realistic and funny too!! Hope you will accept me as a friend.