common science

There should be a Caricature library somewhere in the World;
there should be a caricature of every common man in that.
---Uncommon common line


Anonymous said...

teath blowing.
tq br-kandukuri ramesh babu,

nikhil pai said...

sir i have seen all your work at ur website as well as ur blogs and iam happy ur frm my fav places hyd i got shifted two years back to mangalore frm hyd. was der at hyd for 9 long years.
sir even i wana learn dis art actually i never took traing under any1 its was my dad was dad who inspiered me iam nw a student of degree at karntaka.... sir i want to make a carreer out of it

ajay saxena said...

nice cartoon..

lokendra said...

Hello Anna ,
Ur Rocking With Ur Caricatures I Need A Sri Sri From U ...Anna ..Keep Rocking Anna,....